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    Dinner with Louis

    Louis Nowra at Kings Cross Festival curtain-raiser ... The forces at play that have brought innumerable changes to the Cross ... Potts Point Partnership planning the program ... Gina Machado reports 

    Nowra: the Cross has always been about diversity, tolerance and peopleTHE rebranding challenge for Kings Cross is to reflect its history without making it a museum, says writer and long-term local resident Louis Nowra.

    Speaking at a preview event held at Farmhouse restaurant for next month's Kings Cross Festival, the author of Kings Cross: A Biography talked about some of the changes in the area since the 1830s.

    "Every decade was a big change", he explained. From the wealth of the mid-1800s, to the artists who came for cheap rents, the effect of six o'clock closing and the sly grog trade, the women attracted by the opportunity to live alone in apartments, to the nightlife heydays of the mid-1900s, when "the Cross was where you came to relax, party or lose yourself". 

    Nowra believes one of the biggest changes came following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which saw a drop in tourism and the closure of hotels, which were converted into residential apartments and bought by wealthy people who flocked to the area.

    Throughout all the changes, "Kings Cross has always been about diversity, tolerance and, most importantly, people," Nowra insists.

    The Kings Cross Festival, on the weekend of October 11-12, brings together some of the district's long-standing attractions, in a very modern way.

    "The festival is a showcase of food, wine, culture, art and literature," says Tim Petersen, chair of the Potts Point Partnership, which organises the events.

    It includes an Instagram photo competition #kingscrosscolour, Kings Cross Art Walk, Llankelly Place Degustation Dinner, Macleay Street Long Table, Saturday night street entertainment and Sunday after-parties.

    The aim of the exercise is to support and promote local businesses. 

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