Hans Nowak - resident park creator
March 9, 2014
Richard for 2011

Latest in our series on local heros ... Vic Potts and photographer Anthony Browell discover Hans Nowak's work landscaping Australia's shortest nature trail at Beare Park 

Walk past the Karingal block of apartments on Beare Park in Elizabeth Bay and you mightn't notice it. But, pause for a minute to look beyond the neat box hedge that fronts the Esplanade and resident Hans Nowak's labour of love is revealed in all its verdant glory. 

In just a year Hans, 52, a supervising chef at Luna Park, has transformed a syringe-strewn wilderness into a magic, botanic wonderland.

Camellias, Agapanthus, Chinese Lanterns and Hibiscus rub shoulders along pathways fashioned from timber bed bases. The scent of tarragon, lemon thyme and mint hangs in the air. Vegetables and fruits of all kinds flourish in neat garden beds.

As night falls, solar powered lights illuminate the nooks and crannies where the little creatures dwell. Plaster frogs, cats and echidnas peek out from under fern fronds and behind Banana Palms.

There's an eccentric collection of teapots arranged along a garden shelf as well. 

Beare Park's hidden delight

Hans has created all of this without a cent of financial assistance.

"I furnish from the streets," he says proudly. 

At the moment he is extending the path along what he claims to be Australia's shortest nature trail.

"I reckon 250 bricks should do it," he calculates. "I'll have to keep my eye out." 

Vic Potts

Photography: Anthony Browell

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