The crane is irreplaceable
February 3, 2014
Richard for 2011

Artist Michael Fitzjames reminds us of the importance and ancestry of Garden Island's hammerhead crane ... The RAN and the government have given this wonderful Meccano construction a death sentence ... Surely, there needs to be a last minute appeal for a stay 

COLOSSAL cranes like this bestrode the sea-lanes of the British Empire in it's waning days: from Southhampton, Aden, Simonstown at Durban, Bombay, Trincomalee, Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney's, the last one standing.

Their purpose was to lift the guns and other massive vitals from HM's ships for servicing.

Three superb monuments to engineering line up in Sydney's Harbour. The Bridge, the Opera House and the hammerhead Crane a triumph of Scottish engineering.

Aesthetically, historically, in scale and majesty the crane is an irreplaceable part of Sydney's and Australia's national heritage.

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