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August 25, 2014
Richard for 2011

From book trade to property salesOpenings and Closures ... Comings and Goings ... Plenty of buzz about new Potts Point businesses ... Orwell Hughes reports on recent movements at the station 

After months of anticipation we see the emergence of a BKH inspired chrome and glass real estate agency where for months has been the boarded facade of the departed Macleay Bookshop. 

From revered bookshop to shimmering property bureau - a sure mark of our times. 

The new occupant of 103 Macleay St is Laing Real Estate, and proprietor Doug Laing has for some years owned the property from which the Macleay Bookshop traded. 

He's moving his real estate shop from around the corner in Greenknowe Ave onto the busy side of Macleay St, to capture more of the passing parade. 

It's a great pity that Richard Stern didn't capture more of that trade to keep alive the proud literary tradition of Macleay Bookshop, of which he was the final caretaker. 

After being unable to find a buyer for the business or renew his lease, he handed the premises to Laing and headed off to "do other things". 

*   *   *

Another Planet

As quick as a flash Tyrone Dearing was out of his 12 Macleay Street showroom and Ross Longmuir's Planet furniture was there instead - with a very inviting queen size bed in the window. 

Tyrone is concentrating on his design and interior consulting work and found he no longer needed a glamorous showroom. Planet Furniture is the perfect replacement at 12 Macleay St, with its unique furniture designs, ceramics, textiles and homewares. 

See: Planet Furniture 

*   *   *

Out of this world sewing contraption

Just  a few metres further along the boulevard, and also part of the Macleay Regis's shopping strip, is Elena - the hardworking seamstress and clothing repair genius. 

After a new paint job, fresh carpet and lighting her workspace is looking pretty schmick. 

Hers is by no means a showroom, rather a space for productive output. However, she has installed in the front window a marvellous industrial machine, that brings to the view of passers by an early sowing contraption that could have been inspired by Heath Robinson. 

It's a joyous piece of modernistic engineering.  

*   *   *

Nail therapyThere has much activity at 25 Macleay St, home of Macleay Apartments and other alluring enterprises. 

Charlie's hair dressing business has moved out after what could be a near record for a hair refurbishment business trading in the same spot in the neighbourhood. 

The space has been juzsched-up and is now home to a beauty treatment and nail enhancement bureau with the straight-to-the-point name of Nails & Beauty. 

One of the great joys for pedestrians is to witness customers in various stages of grooming and nail varnishing. 

A application for the transfer of Kham's old liquor licence has been made to the grog board and soon in the vast space previously occupied by his Thai restaurant will be an new outpost of Kylie Kwong's kitchen and, we believe, a branch of the Commonwealth Bank. 

A CBA branch will see citizens lining up for their Centrelink benefits, no doubt to the fascination of the well-heeled burghers of lower Macleay Street. 

In May, Scott Bolles, the Short Black man in The Sydney Morning Herald, reported that both the Chinta Ria crew from Cockle Bay and Billy Kwong from Surry Hills will be opening up in the old Arun Thai space. 

Kowloon sideIncidentally, Postcode2011 visited Arun Thai's Kham at his restaurant in Hong Kong, on the Kowloon side. 

He served a memorable lunch and says he is also doing a roaring trade importing Australian wine into Thailand. Apparently, the Thais can't get enough of it. 

He swears that he misses us all. 

*   *   *

The Asian century is well and truly here and the latest local manifestation is Cho Cho San, the love child of the Greeks at Apollo and the South East Asian inspired Longrain. 

This is a seriously delicious eating experience, with a clever, stylish design backdrop and excellent eager-beaver staff. The joint takes Potts Point to a new level of uber cool. 

Don't go past the king crab omelette and Japanese curry. Weird but highly edible. 

Terry Durack seriously underscores Cho Cho San at 15.5 out of 20. 

*   *   *

Paul Baker's gleaming gallery of Antique Centre escapees

A few doors down from Cho Cho, at 67 Macleay St, is Paul Baker's Potts Point Galleries, with 15 stall holders who have decamped from the Antique Centre in South Dowling Street. 

The Antique Centre property has been sold to a developer and so Baker gathered some of the finest merchants and put them under the refurbished space previous occupied by VideoEzy and then the Voi pop-up. 

Baker previously had run the Woollahra Galleries in Oxford Street. 

China, glassware, tray-mobiles, lamps, crystal decanters, porcelain bric-a-brac and a million other fascinating objet are obtainable from this glamorous addition to the borough. 

Baker is also on the verge of moving his new real estate business Network Partners into Ramsay Real Estate's old space above Cho Cho San. 

Ben Ramsay has upped stakes and moved to Byron Bay. 

*   *   *

Fratelli Paradiso: one hour extra for outsiders

Around the corner in Challis Ave, the boys at Fratelli Paradiso are looking considerably cheerier after the bureaucratic machinery of the City of Sydney clanked into action and granted the Italian noshery the right for its diners to consume comestibles on the footpath till 11pm instead of having to drop forks at 10pm. 

What a breakthrough and what a wearying struggle to move the city mandarins for a measly 60 minutes of extra footpath time - particularly when all around rival eating houses were trading under the stars up till midnight. 

The initial assessment and decision was shrouded in bureaucratic gobbledygook, as you can see here  and here.  

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