Something weird in Challis Ave
January 21, 2014
Richard for 2011

Inconsistent outdoor dining regime in Challis Avenue ... Fratelli Paradiso told to stop serving footpath tables by 10pm ... DA under consideration ... Economics of restaurant threatened 

Fratelli Paradiso's footpath activityWE'RE in real danger of losing Fratelli Paradiso, one of the neighbourhood's consistently delightful breakfast, lunch and dinner spots. 

It's not a piece of idle speculation. We hear from reliable sources that FP would up stakes if the council gets mean about it's outdoor seating. 

Fratelli Paradiso has had to lodge a DA with the City of Sydney to gain approval for its chairs and tables on the footpath beyond 10pm. 

Council officers have notified the restaurant that diners should be off the footpath by 10pm and that the available outdoor seating should be reduced. 

Apparently restricted times for outdoor dining at 12-16 Challis Avenue had been put in place by the old South Sydney Council, but had never been enforced. 

It would be nice to know whether the heavy hand of the council was a result of complaints from the usual commune of killjoys. 

The DA is for reinstatement of two more footpath chairs - from 12 to 14, nine tables, two gas heaters and two barriers. 

The restaurant has also applied for the outside tables to be available from 7am till 11pm Monday to Saturday and till 10pm on Sunday. 

There are a host of inconsistencies in the council's outdoor dining approvals for Challis Avenue. 

For instance:  

Fratelli Pardiso says in its submission to the council that use of the footpath for outside dining is integral to its business. 

The restaurant has had a blemish-free 12 year trading history. It has never been investigated or charged for breach or non-compliance of regulations governing liquor, commercial trading and operations, health and safety, or food standards. 

Fratelli Paradiso is one of the delights of the suburb. It would be a poor outcome if its viability was adversely affected by a decision to restrict its outdoor dining to 10pm Mondays-Saturdays.

Recently La Croix in Macleay St closed as did a small cafe on the opposite side of Challis Avenue (No 29). Both closures were a direct result of requirements imposed by the Council.

Potts Point stands to lose a lot of its vitality if unreasonable trading restrictions continue to be enforced. 

 The odd thing is that the Council talks of encouraging a greater mix of late night businesses for the area, to midigate the dominance of the beer halls. 

Suzie Matthews, the city's business and safety manager, was recently quoted as saying: 

"There is now a proactive focus on giving shops the flexibility to stay open longer, which didn't exist before." 

Let's hope that includes restaurants that have made a real contribution to the revival of Potts Point. 

It looks as though FP's DA will be considered by a planning and development sub-committee on Tuesday, February 18. 

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