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    Photo: Simon Cardwell

    Five Properties of Chainmale 
    Where: Griffin Theatre
    When: Until May 9th 
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    The Salvos & Thomas kelly Foundation Safe Space, which provides latenight revelers with assistance from water to help getting home, has been given the green light to expand to Kings Cross ... Read More ...

    Irish tourist Barry Lyttle has been given a 13-month suspended jail sentence for assaulting his brother in Kings Cross ... Read more ...

    Assaults down in Kings Cross but also across NSW ... Read more ...

    Poker machine venues get exemption from lockout laws ... Read more ... 




    Property and alcohol Czars eye control of City Council

    No need to vote early and vote often ... City businesses and ratepaying owners will be able to vote twice under latest 'Get Clover' legislation ... Kate Lilly reports 

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    Polly watch

    Illustration by Michael MucciWhat did our local representatives achieve last year? ... Turnbull, Greenwich and Moore ... 2013's political year in review for 2011 ... Alix Piatek reports 

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    Drink up - Newcastle is a long way away

    Ins and outs of the Newcastle option ... More terrible injuries put the demon drink in the frame ... The government is steadfast in opposition to any more economic sanctions applying to its paymasters in the pubs and clubs industry ... Personal responsibility is the catch cry 

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    Identity, alcohol and the Cross

    UPDATE ... Introduction of ID scanners delayed ... Major bungle in latest move to counter alcohol fuelled violence and anti-social carry-on ... Failure to find a suitable systems operator ... Drink merchants have their concerns, as does the local MP ... 35 "high risk" venues required to scan the identities of patrons ... Anita Senaratna investigates 

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    Eating quiche with the burghers of Potts Point

    MP for Sydney Alex Greenwich talks about life as the local MP ... Potts Point Partnership breakfast ... Early morning politics ... Lizzy Wylde reports 

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    The underside of council amalgamations

    Get Clover ... Macquarie Street's latest scheme to oust Independents from control of the City of Sydney ... Final recommendations on council amalgamation due this month ... Alternative proposals ... Alix Piatek reports 

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    The Cult of Malcolm

    Election forum sees focus on the NBN ... Wild claims light-up the Paddo RSL as Wentworth candidates strut their stuff ... Anita Senaratna was there 

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    Cheers, it's time for Last Drinks

    Love for Kings Cross is a strange kind of love ... Problem of violence regarded as secondary to the economic imperative of selling heaps of alcohol ... Street violence remains high ... Overseas comparisons ... Anita Senaratna reports  

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    Chill wind hits local legal centre

    Valuable work of Kings Cross legal centre threatened by State government funding agreement ... Inner City Legal Centre required to drop all law reform lobbing activities ... Army of volunteers working for minorities and under-privileged ... Money conditional on not offending the government ... Alix Piatek reports 

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    More fibre, please

    No date for NBN connections to the heart of 2011 ... Coalition's NBN scheme already outdated ... Major infrastructure project thwarted by tiresome politicking ... Malcolm Turnbull - friend of the crumbling copper network ... Alix Piatek reports 

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